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Pinned topic Need help in Automating a customized pega application.

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We are planning to Automate few of pega scripts and found that the properties are same for 2 of the functionalities.This is happened due to cutomization. One of the functionalities was already existing and the 2nd one added newly. Since the 2nd one does the same as 1st, just copied and pasted because of which we are seeing same properties for both 1st and 2nd. This is done by developers for reusable purpose.
In the functionality we are just selecting one drop down value and in the next fied entering some text and clicking 'Go'. (One ListBox, TextBox and Submit button is used).
Through descriptive programming we are not able to Automate but through record and playback we are able to do. Is there any way that we can resolve this using scripting or through Java Code. Please do the needful.

Tried recording and play back and found that its working fine as RFT automatically sets the unique id by making use of existing id. So tried to script by inserting objects to object map. After inserting objects to object map its observed that in the map hierarchy we can see that it got expanded uniquely. Please find the attach screenshot. Also, tried to code in the script based on hierarchy but seeing different results. Can you please help me how to code using teh hierarchy and where did i go wrong.
D. Manasa
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    Re: Need help in Automating a customized pega application.

    Hi.. Hope you know how it works. Lets prepare something and give it to IBM.