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‏2012-10-17T03:59:25Z |
We have been working on design for tenant database configuration and need some input. What are the use cases for your tenants adding an object to the system? Do you envision adding a table for them to use? Letting them add their own table? Have no need for adding tables or objects, you just need attributes? Any other thoughts?
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  • StevenShull
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    Re: Input - tenant object use cases

    Tenants will add attributes much more frequently than objects, but in a majority of our instances there's at least one custom object that would be particular to one client. Frequently it deals with an interface to display data from an external system, such as payment records (this is not the actual interface table, but where the data is stored after).

    Some other cases are custom objects to build applications to support table domains. For instance, fault codes for a wind turbine can be identical (say fault code A01) between two different turbines so a custom attribute is added to the ASSET/LOCATION to say the turbine type, and then it looks at the turbine type to determine the necessary properties of the fault code. A01 may be a critical error for one turbine type, and a routine warning for another but all the mapping and rules need to be stored in a custom object since it can't be part of a basic domain.

    We currently must maintain those tables for them (we currently don't give access to DB Config), but we envision multi tenancy giving us the ability to enable them to do more tasks so long as it can be done without them negatively affecting their own environment and the addition (but not deletion) of custom objects would be one of those.
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    Re: Input - tenant object use cases

    Thanks for the information. We have some new stuff to show on Wednesday and more ideas in this area we are looking for feedback on for Friday. Did you get invitations to those meetings? Hope you can attend.