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Pinned topic RDz v8.0.3 - PLI Features not working

‏2012-10-16T18:26:56Z |
We have upgraded our RDz host version to recently.

RDz v8.0.3 was supposed to offer some enhancements with respect to PLI editor as mentioned in the below link

When we did our test, none of them were working. (we used RDz client v8.0.3.1, v8.0.3.2 and v8.5 as well)

How can we get those features (eg, Hover tooltips, Open declaration, perform hierarchy)?

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    Re: RDz v8.0.3 - PLI Features not working

    Some of the Editor tooling is dependent on the file parsing correctly, so in your case, did the file parse ? Easiest way to check is to see if there are yellow warnings. Also which editor were you using PLI editor or System z Lpex ?