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Pinned topic Nmon Analyser DISKAVGWIO vs DISKIO

‏2012-10-16T13:26:18Z |
I have been unable to figure out the nmon data for disks from an account running AIX 6.1 on Power7.
Several individual hdisks (luns) hit peaks of 400 in DISKAVGWIO at different times of the day. (different individual disks each time).
For hdisk5, for example.
At 22:21:48, DISKAVGWIO is 400 (Disk Average Writes per second)
At 22:21:48 DISKWIO is 0 (Disk writes per second)

For hdisk15,
At 12:21:44 DISKAVGWIO is 400
At 12:21:44 DISKWIO is 0

Aren’t these both “averages” across the time interval
I can’t find the difference in these measurements defined anywhere. Does anyone know the difference between DISKAVGWIO and DISKWIO?
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    Re: Nmon Analyser DISKAVGWIO vs DISKWIO

    The Title to the thread should be DISAVGWIO vs DISKWIO