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Pinned topic Cognos 10 SDK solution for authorisation tasks?

‏2012-10-16T12:54:11Z |
I'd like to enable the business department to set security authorisation without having a sysadmin role etc. Since we are running various, different projects on the same environment it's key to enable the various departments to manage access to data and reports without IT. The authentication is managed by a Active Directory Server (classic ...)
The basic idea is to provide 3 different level of security administration to every department for their project.
Level 1)
Row-Level Security with Framework Manager (see Proven Practices doc)
Task for the Business department: set the department(s) and cost center for each user they want to give access --> Interface needed to write into DB the user information and eg costcenter(s) they have access to. Can be different rules (Manager rules, employee rules, Data Mart specific rules)
Level 2)
Data Mart access = Business defines access to Data Marts
Level 3)
Access to staging tables for controlling

Is there already a existing solution available?

Cheers & Thx in advance