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Pinned topic x3400 7976, Intel 330 SSD and WD Red

‏2012-10-16T09:59:35Z |
I have a client with an x3400 7975 server that is in need of new hard disks and an SBS2008 rebuild and has a small budget. To keep it going for another year or two I have an idea to use 2 Intel 330 SSDs in a RAID1 config. for the OS and perhaps a pair of Western Digital Reds in another RAID1 for the data.

Having taken a crash course in x3400 manuals and these forums this afternoon I am thinking if I update the BIOS and other firmware and use the latest drivers is there a low or high risk of the SSD's and Western Digital drives not working at all or being unstable with the IBM motherboard and build in RAID controller? I see some people having luck with non IBM SSDs and SATA drives in x3n00 systems here.

I know if I don't buy stuff that's on the compatibility list all bets are off but I am prepared to live with that. I'll like some opinions and advice of users who have tried this sort of thing and the luck they have had with it.