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Pinned topic Connecting Optim to Tandem machines.

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Hey there,

anyone connect Optim to Tandem machines?

I'm assuming Optim connect to Tandem then FedServ to Optim Connect using the ODBC wrapper....


See you at IOD...
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    Re: Connecting Optim to Tandem machines.


    I spoke to a team member who had some experience with testing with Tandem access and they noted at the time that the used Oracle's HSODBC interface and leveraged Optim's
    access to Oracle views to access the data. One thing to caution here is the fact that Oracle has deprecated HSODBC and has moved to DG4. As far as I know we have
    not attempted to connect with DG4.

    The alternative (as you had noted) is to connect using Fed Server. Along with Fed Server you can use DB2's nickname definition to connect. Optim can see a DB2 nickname definition and should be able to access Tandem through this connection .... one thing to note is that this access has not been tested...

    Lastly, one thing that I would like to note is that there has been limiting testing with Tandem due to the fact that this question comes up very infrequently ....

    I hope this helps,