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Pinned topic Getting lat and long positions using address

‏2012-10-15T14:27:41Z |
Hi all,

I am trying to retrieve latitude and longitude values for a given address location using java script. I tried it by some website in javascript like,

var address = document.getElementById("address").value;
var geocoder = new google.maps.Geocoder();

geocoder.geocode( { 'address': address}, function(results, status) {
var location = results[0].geometry.location;
alert( + location.lng());
but i am not getting the alert box in page.

Any suggetions..

ThanX in advance
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    Try this out and get an idea

    hi mate you can get latitude and longitude by entering the ip address in Link:
    I am not familiar with java script but you can use the code(available by clicking GET IP DETAILS FREE tab on the top to get codes to display the app on your web browser) as a case study/guide,to develop/upgrade your code.