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Pinned topic Uninstall / Install Problem V9.7.5 to 10.1

‏2012-10-15T14:03:26Z |
I uninstalled a DB2 Express-C V9.7.5 on a Windows 2003 Server with SP2 32 Bit machine.
After that (everything was removed - including the DB2admin user) I tried to install the DB2 V10.1 on this machine. I already did an Upgrade but had to test the NEW installation of the DB2 V10.1 so I decided to uninstall the DB2 V9.7.5.
When I start the INstaller I come to the first picture which tells me that this tool will install the DB2 V10.1 on this machine when I click NEXT. When I click NEXT the Installer closes and that's it.
In the Trace file I created with setup -t I can't find anything.
I already removed all remaining Registry entries from the old DB2 V9 but it seems that the Installer things that there is still an old DB2 and tries to make an upgrade because in the Trace file he says, that he can't read some regitry entries which are not there....

Has anyone any idea to this?

Kind regards