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Running a combination of Power 5/6/7 servers .

Currently using nmon , but looking for a web-based real-time monitoring solution

Looking for a tool selection recommendation to select from the available tooling such as nmon2rdd lpar2rdd nmon2web ganglia etc .
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  • nagger
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    Re: AIX Performance Monitoring Tool

    It is conventional to actually ask a question on the Forum rather than make statements.

    From personal experience for a cross LPAR and machine level monitoring tool I recommend Ganglia with he POWER additions. It does involve a demon on each OS. This is open source and there are a great number of users to ask for help.

    To avoid that but reduced information the lpar2rrd tool is popular but I have not tried it myself. This went open source and you can purchase support if you need it.

    Thanks, Nigel
  • Pave1
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    Re: AIX Performance Monitoring Tool

    what about to check demo page of products you have listed and make your own decision based on what you need/like/...

    Remember Ive seen also nmon2web/nmon2rrd demo long time ago but cannot find it now.
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    Re: AIX Performance Monitoring Tool


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