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Pinned topic TableAdapter does not Generate Update Query

‏2012-10-12T19:02:56Z |
I am new to Visual Studio and using VS 2010. I have successfully installed the DB2 Add-Ins for VS Net with DB2 (UDB) version 9.7.6. I created my Connection and can see all of the tables in my database under Views. When I create a DataSource, I can select my table and all of it's columns. The TableAdapter generates, but it only contains the Fill Query. In searching the Web the reasons I have found for this occurring might be that there is no Primary Key....but I can see the key on the table in the DataSet Designer. The other reason I have found is that GenerateDBDirectMethods is False and it is....but when I try and change it to True, I get the message "Type of database object does not allow to set GenerateDBDirectMethods to True". This seems to be true on all the tables I try. I am only using one very small very simple table with only 10 columns. Any ideas what is causing this? Thanks.