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Pinned topic InfoSphere SQW questions:supported configurations and meta data usage

‏2012-10-12T15:07:47Z |
I am a new IBM'er, from a company which was recently acquired by IBM, as such I am only starting to find my way around IBM so apologies if I am posting this question in the wrong place.

I have a number of technical questions about how we are planning to use the SQW ETL component, I want to ensure that our use of SQW would result in our development being both

a) Compliant (it would represent a valid use of the SQW component in terms of both development artifacts and run-time configuration)

b) and officially supported (any issues we find could be registered for fixes in future versions of SQW)
I do not want to post to a form that has external visiblility, is there an internal IBM Infosphere form I should post to? My email is

Or is there a SQW expert who could answer my questions via email or a conference call.