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‏2012-10-12T07:27:41Z |
I am new to Worklight and Dojo. Currently I trying to develop a mobile application using IBM Worklight Studio along with built-in Dojo toolkit 1.7.2. I tried to add dojox.grid.DataGrid from Palette but didn't see the widget there, so I added "dojox/grid/DataGrid" in "require" and the following code to the page manually:

<table data-dojo-type="dojox.grid.DataGrid" >
<th field="fieldName" width="200px">Column Name</th>
<th field="fieldName" width="200px">Column Name</th>

Also I have ensured that DataGrid.js is placed under dojox/grid directoy, but nothing is being shown. The Chrome browser console error is "GET http://localhost:8080/apps/services/preview/DemoApp/common/0/default/dojox/grid/DataGrid.js 404 (Not Found) ".

Any Help?