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Pinned topic Question on Business Glossary Structure for multiple business units.

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Within my company there are multiple business units working on different projects. Each group is doing their own tasks and don't share resources or processes.

There is another group that support Business Glossary and provides no ownership on how the product should be structured or used. All the groups share the same implementation.

I am wondering how this is normally handled in Business Glossary or in other companies. Is there a way to have different URLs for different projects or some type of speration between the different business units?
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    Re: Question on Business Glossary Structure for multiple business units.

    Business Glossary does allow you to categorize terms. You can build a tree hierarchy and assign a term to a specific category - like Finance > General Ledger. So I guess it depends on whether there is any motivation within your company to arrive at a 'common language'. If not - they can each have their own Category and that would make sure all of their terms only needed to be unique within their area/projects.

    We do have a goal of 'common/shared language'. We have implemented a category structure based on the functional parts of our academic healthcenter - so at the root level it is HealhCare, Research, Academics, and Enterprise (HR, Finance, etc.). Each of those categories have subcategories defined by the Data Stewards. But we have that goal that terms on Cognos reports should mean the same thing - no matter where they come from. So we do our best to audit the loads to BG and not allow the same term to be used when it means different things. Our executives have asked that if they see 'Employee Status' on one report - it means the same things as 'Employee Status' on every other report. So technically you could have 'Employee Status' in multiple categories - but we try to determine who is the real Steward for that term and have them define it and others use it. When the definitions are not the same - we ask that the term has a different name - like 'Research Employee Status'.