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I've been following the extend CICS explorer red book and working up the tsq browser, I find a lot of deprecated items in the browsetsq.connection package, and have been unable to find replacements in the javadoc included in the SDK any advice?
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    Re: CICS Explorer SDK

    Hey there,

    Great to hear you're trying out writing a plugin for CICS Explorer!

    I can't find a package in our source code called browsetsq. I've looked in the "Extend the CICS Explorer - A Better Way To Manage Your CICS" contents and can't see anything that looks to be what you're referring to.

    Could you help me with a bit more information - maybe give me an exact package/class/method name of something that's deprecated just so I can get more of a handle on what you're referring to?

    You're right that the red book is a bit long in the tooth now.