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Pinned topic Why am I only getting hardcoded output?

‏2012-10-11T15:41:42Z |
I will preface by saying that I have only been using WTX for about a month now. Currently I am working on a project where I am taking a proprietary IBM format and transforming it to CPA (Canadian). The IBM format is XML and CPA will be EBCDIC.

I had to make my own type tree for CPA. Whenever I setup my output card for CPA and hardcode values into my rules, my output is working just fine. However, when I use the drag and drop method from my input card, I am getting nothing. I have looked at the trace file, and the parser is seeing the relevant information. I have also tried debugging the file. When the debugger gets to the specific element on the output card, it is not picking up the correct value, instead it is seeing the values of all of the previous elements.

Can anyone suggest where I might look to correct this? My guess would be it is something to do with my type tree, but I have no idea what I might be missing in there that could cause something like this. If it would help to see my type tree let me know.
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    Re: Why am I only getting hardcoded output?

    Ignore thread, self solved.