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Pinned topic Rpt Not responding on testsuite execution

‏2012-10-11T12:55:10Z |
Hi All,

I am trying to run a testsuite after recording on the RPT local host and I am facing a program not responding issue as I am executing the test suite.Can anyone please tell me how to deal with this issue.

I am also attaching the screen shot.

Any help in this regard will be usefull.

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    Re: Rpt Not responding on testsuite execution


    What version of RPT is being used here ??

    Can you check that the workbench computer has sufficient memory. To increase the available memory, either increase the workbench heap size or reduce the level and amount of execution history.

    To increase the heap size, set the -Xmx parameter in the eclipse.ini file, which is located in the product installation directory. For Windows, if your physical memory is 3 GB or more, then the maximum heap size must not exceed 1200 MB. For Linux, the maximum heap size is approximately 3000 MB. If the workbench is sluggish or fails to start after you increase the heap size, reset the heap size to the default by removing the VMARGS=-Xmx line from the eclipse.ini file
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