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Pinned topic ITCAM Agent - Server Change

‏2012-10-11T12:31:17Z |
Dear all,
I have an AIX server (P5 - AIX 5.3) in which ITCAM for AIX and DB2 agents are running.
Now we are planning to migrate this server to a new hardware ( P7 with AIX 6.1).

Can someone guide me to do the migration of this client so that I should not be required to reconfigure all the situations once again in my ITM server.

Thanks in advance

  • quchl
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    Re: ITCAM Agent - Server Change

    Hello Rajesh

    For DB2 agent, I think you should check the agent version first. ITCAM for DB2 agent 622 FP1 has been certified on power 7, please refer to the below detail information.

    AIX 6.1 TL2 POWER System,
    • POWER7 in POWER6 mode
    • POWER7 in POWER6+ mode

    AIX 6.1 TL4 POWER System
    • POWER7 in POWER6 mode
    • POWER7 in POWER6+ mode
    • POWER7 in POWER7 mode

    if your new hardware is the same as above condition, there's no more action for DB2 agent's situation.
    Attention, all above information only for DB2 agent.

    Chang Liang