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Pinned topic How to increase a broker runtime's maximum heapsize limit

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While deploying a heavy application, every time my toolkit is giving an out-of-memory exception.I tried to increase the heapsize to its maximum limit using the below command:

mqsireportproperties MB8BROKER -e default -o ComIbmJVMManager -n jvmMaxHeapSize
But that also allowed me to increase the heapsize upto 1gb,not more than that.

But for a simple jvm,I know we can even increase this upper limit using the parameter -Xmx
As this runtime is also built on top of jvm,I suppose there must be a way,by which we can achieve the same in websphere message broker.

Please help me here.

In case I asked something so obvious or stupid,please forgive me as I am very new in this tool.
Thanks & Regards,
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    Re: How to increase a broker runtime's maximum heapsize limit

    a) is it your toolkit that is running out of memory, or is the runtime running out and reporting the problem via the toolkit?
    b) WebSphere Message Broker is a C++ application that can make use of an embedded JVM. It is not built 'on top of' a JVM.
    c) It is possible for the embedded JVM to run out of memory. It is also possible for the base runtime application to run out of memory. If you quote the error message then it should be possible to work out which of those two scenarios we are dealing with.