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Pinned topic IBM VMWare Key

‏2012-10-11T06:47:07Z |
Does anyone here have experience a failing VMware Key? I am wondering what will happen if IBM replaces it a new one? What will happen to the data, is it still intact? Though the data is residing at an external storage. Will my existing data be an alien to the new USB VMWare Key? Or I just need to do some minor configurations for the server(USB Key) detect my existing data store?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Berniebgbb
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    Re: IBM VMWare Key

    ‏2012-10-11T12:34:59Z  in response to Eduman

    With respect to your USB Key, you can re-load it with standard ESXi if you like or download the IBM CD to Reload / Re-image the USB key.

    Your VM's and the Data would not be touched, however your specific host configuration information would be lost. (E.G: Virtual Switching, firewall settings, host settings and so on.....) This is not a big deal at all, you have a couple of options.

    1. Note down the host details and re-create them
    2. Use host profiles if you are licensed
    3. backup your configuration information and restore(not straight forward and not worth the hassle).

    If you are using any integrated backup solutions like Veeam or other "Image level" backup solutions, you will need to be careful if you re-load and new ESXi host with the same IP and Name as the previous. This can cause issues....

    Easiest way now I see if you don't have host profiles.

    1. Note down the specific of the host
    2. Vmotion VM's off
    3. Remove host from cluster / Vcenter
    4. Reload USB Key
    5. Start fresh and rejoin to cluster once customized. (preferably with a new Management IP and Name to rule out any issues).

    Hope that helps

    • Eduman
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      Re: IBM VMWare Key

      ‏2012-11-26T08:55:24Z  in response to Berniebgbb
      Hi Bernie,
      Thanks. That helps me a lot. Especially the new IP part.