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‏2012-10-10T19:19:51Z |
I am trying to figure out how I can create an analysis that will return the output to the TEM Reporting Server using the lastlog command for Linux systems? WHat about AIX?

I have an initiative from our Auditing department to show what and when users last logged into a system. If I can get an analysis to check or run the lastlog command for Linxu then I could generate a report that would show the auditors the output of that command on all my hosts.
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    Re: Create analysis for lastlog


    I would make this a two step process.
    1. Create a task that checks for the existence of a lastlogdumpfile then appends of creates a new file based on your needs.
    2. I would then create an analysis that would pull data back on this txt file. "Lines of file("/etc/lastlogdumpfile")" would probably do the trick.
      -John G