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Pinned topic ITCAM For Oracle agent - Event suppersion for a instance on particular time

‏2012-10-10T13:56:18Z |
I am using Oracle agent with different instance names.I want to suppressed/blocked the event not getting generate from one of the instance in ITM end on particular time say '2 hours' on daily bases.

Can anyone help me it can be possible in ITM side via the situation or someother method.

I am using ITM 6.2.2 and the TEC server in my environment.

Thank you,
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    Re: ITCAM For Oracle agent - Event suppersion for a instance on particular time

    You can try to create an calendar entry, then override the situation with the calendar entry.

    tacmd addCalendarEntry:

    tacmd setOverride:

    This can be taken in the TEP portal by opening the Distribution tab of the situation editor, move one or more managed systems with the agent instance name from Available Managed Systems list to the Assigned list, then select one or more managed systems from the Assigned List, click Override Formula button.

    Note: u may need to set a different threshold value in the override with the calendar schedule.