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Pinned topic Socket error in CICS requester webservice dfhpi0400

‏2012-10-10T11:34:55Z |
We have a requester webservice resulting in message "Cics pipeline http transport mech. failed to send a request because there was a socket error."

I cannot find any difference with another requester webservice running in another cics. In the same Cics there are providing webservices running and without problems.

  • Pipeline and pipeline config file ok
  • webservice resource ok defined
  • TCPIP=YES for cics
  • URIMAP defined to specify the endpoint (usage client). URIMAP is part of the Invoke.
What can cause this error and/or how can I obtain usefull information on the socket error?

thx, Swiddy
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    Re: Socket error in CICS requester webservice dfhpi0400

    I think you should post this question in the CICS Forum, or maybe to TCP/IP, but not in the COBOL Forum.

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