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Pinned topic Float types cannot be webified.

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Is there any limitation on the data types webify can support ? I see it does not work for float types.
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    Re: Float types cannot be webified.


    Yes, there is a limitation in webify for float types in C\C++. It is possible to use double instead.

    Below you'll find the list of supported types for webify:

    1) For non-Java languages: int, unsigned int, short, unsigned short, char, unsigned char, long, unsigned long, double, char*, const char*, bool, OMBoolean, RiCString, RiCBoolean, OMString, RhpInteger, RhpUnlimitedNatural, RhpString, RhpBoolean, RhpPositive, RhpReal, RhpCharacter.

    2) For Java: int, short, char, long, byte, double, float, String, boolean, RhpCharacter, RhpInteger, RhpBoolean, RhpString, RhpPositive, RhpReal, RhpUnlimitedNatural.

    If you select in Rhapsody (when you have an opened model) the menu "Tools\Check Model\Configure..." and look in the checks, you'll find a few more limitations with checks' names starting with prefix "Web support is not available for".

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