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Pinned topic Description for OSAL Classes for Rhapsody 7.6.1

‏2012-10-10T08:38:59Z |
where can I find a description for the OSAL Classes included in Rhapsody 7.6.1. I, among other things, would like to know how I should implement the new functions:
OMAffinity_t getAffinity(void) const;
void setAffinity(const OMAffinity_t aff);
OMPowerMode_t getPwrState(void) const;
void setPwrState(const OMPowerMode_t val);
Apart from that are there any sources available which adapt ThreadX to the OXFFramework of Rhapsody 7.6.1.
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    Re: Description for OSAL Classes for Rhapsody 7.6.1

    It should be in Rhapsody help. Also OXF is supplied as Rhapsody model (see Share/LangCpp/oxf/model directory), where you can see definition of OMOS classes.
    Regarding set/get affinity and power management functions you can find their empty implementation in any of supplied adapter files (e.g. nuos.h file) for adapters, which don't currently support multi core and power management features. If your RTOS does support some or all of these features, you should implement them accordingly. An example of such implementation exists in vxos.h/cpp files for VxWorks. Take into account, that you should define some types in omosconfig.h file. You can find such definitions in Share/LangCpp/osconfig/Nucleus/omosconfig.h and Share/LangCpp/osconfig/VxWorks/omosconfig.h accordingly.

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