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Pinned topic IBM LTO3 not recognized after firmware update

‏2012-10-09T22:00:44Z |
I have an IBM LTO3 Tape drive with PN 23R4665. I thought this is an IBM LTO3 3580. There is no other ID on the tape drive. The IBM Tape Diagnostic Tool showed :Model ULTRIUM-TD3 ,Serial 1210159987, Ucode 64D0 .

It was manufactered in 2006 and had the firmware 64D0. Because there were always problems with the driver with WINdows 7 64bit I tried to update the firmware from 64D0 to 93G6 and choosed the firmware Version 93G6L3F for Fibre channel. The firmware update with ITDT looks good. But after the update the scan for the tape with the ITDT failed. The tape is not recognized anymore.

Have I choosen the wrong firmware version ? Is there any chance to get the tape drive working again ?