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Pinned topic Push Notification WL method: WL.Client.Push.isSubscribed

‏2012-10-09T14:27:40Z |
Please confirm why WL.Client.Push.isSubscribed method returns false on Android devices even though the device is able to receive notifications.

I noticed the following differences in the respective WL files for iOS and Android platform:

this.isSubscribed = function (alias) {};

this.isSubscribed = function (alias) {
return typeof subscribedEventSourcesalias != "undefined" && subscribedEventSourcesalias && typeof registeredEventSourcesalias != "undefined" && registeredEventSourcesalias;
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    Re: Push Notification WL method: WL.Client.Push.isSubscribed


    WL.Client.Push.isSubscribed returns whether the currently logged-in user is subscribed to a specified event source.
    It is not meant to identify whether or not the device is able to send/receive push notifications.

    This is mentioned in the Push Notifications training module:

    As for the difference in code,
    This is not the case here - the function in is not empty in my checking.

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