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Pinned topic Repository admin user password change

‏2012-10-09T13:21:52Z |
OPM 5.1.1 on AIX monitoring 9.7 database

We had to change the repository admin user's( the db2 instance owner in this case) password.

I was unable to start opm, and found this page describing how to update the password.
I get an error ..

/opt/IBM/OPM/bin/ -updateUser db2inst1 ibmdb2new
09-Oct-2012 14:12:52 executeCommand
SEVERE: CWPZC2118I: The password of the user 'db2inst1' was not updated.

sslconfig file created: /opt/IBM/OPM/zero/dsweb/config/ssl.config
Generating 2,048 bit RSA key pair and self-signed certificate (SHA256WithRSA)
for: CN=IBM_dsserver, OU=IBM, O=IBM, L=IBM, ST=IBM, C=IBM
http://Storing /opt/IBM/OPM/zero/dsweb/config/key.jks
I then used successfully.

OPMstart worked then and the monitoring data collection started.

But when using the browser console, I get an error message.

The message in the

2012-10-09 14:16:59,764 Thread-57 - TIME : 2012-10-09T14:16:59.763+0100 IMPACT : Critical
ACTION : CONNECT OBJECT : DataBase OBJINFO : "FATAL :: :: Exception thrown after RSProfileServiceOuter invocation of: public abstract, with args: SAMPLE, thrown exception: CDPMA1109E A connection to the repository database failed.
ExplanationMessage = You cannot proceed without a connection to the repository database.
Details for SQLException: Credentials valid flag set to false so did not attempt to connect, SQLState=<null>, ErrorCode=<0>.
UserResponse = Review the trace files to find the cause of the problem. Check the repository console and log files and trace files for more information in case the problem is also at the repository server.
msgArguments=[], stack=[,,
How do I update the password ?

Thanks in advance for the guidance.
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  • UteBaumbach
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    Re: Repository admin user password change

    ‏2012-10-10T18:56:50Z  in response to sathyaram_s
    after you have logged in to the Web UI use the 'Open' menu to select the 'Product Setup -> Configuration Repository' page. On that page enter the new password and test the connection. Then log out and log back in.
    Does it work then or do you still get the error message ?

    Ute Baumbach
    • sathyaram_s
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      Re: Repository admin user password change

      ‏2012-10-11T17:38:59Z  in response to UteBaumbach
      Hi Ute,
      That works.Thanks for your help.