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Pinned topic PurifyPlus trial on Ubuntu 64bits

‏2012-10-09T11:33:37Z |
Hi all.

I have downloaded the trial version of PurifyPlus and unpacked it on my Ubuntu 10.04 (no license file).
I am trying to install it by doing : ./rs_install
But it is just hanging! Please note I am behind a firewall and I do not know if the script needs an internet connection.
How can I do?

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    Re: PurifyPlus trial on Ubuntu 64bits

    Hi Nicolas,

    PurifyPlus does NOT support Ubuntu Linux, and we do not have
    any record of anyone successfully using PurifyPlus on Ubuntu.
    (The installation script is hanging at the point where it
    checks your /etc/issue file to determine the OS. Even if you
    "fool" the installation script to get past this problem, you
    will eventually run into other issues on Ubuntu.)

    If you can, please use PurifyPlus on a supported RHEL or SLES
    Linux box.

    Best regards,