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Pinned topic Error export to Excel

‏2012-10-09T07:38:20Z |

I have problem to export report to Ms.Excel 2007
It shows error :
The report server encountered an internal error. Check additional information associated with this error message. If cause of problem cannot be ascertained, increase the logging level in the IBM Cognos administration tool and reproduce the conditions that caused the error. If the problem persists, see the problem determination information on the IBM Cognos Support Portal page at

But if I export report to Ms. Excel 2002, it's works

My Environment :
OS : Solaris
Cognos 10.1.1

Big Thanks!
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    Re: Error export to Excel

    Your best bet would be to contact IBM support for this type of scenario. Alternately, you could try to identify what part of the report is causing the issue using the attached flow chart.