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‏2012-10-08T22:15:42Z |
I am using the new 7.1 API Qzipzip and it is saving the entire path in the archive. For example, I want to archive the directory zzz that is in the directory path on the IFS as "/aaa/bbb/zzz". When I view the archived file with Winzip the complete file structure is visible which causes errors in my application that uses the archived file. Is there a way to only archive the directory and not the full path also? The documentation for the API doesn't give this as an option.
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    Re: Qzipzip saves the full path in the archive

    Same problem here.

    I'd really like to be able to build data so that the paths in the archive are relative to the current directory. For example, I'd like the "file to zip" (first parameter) to be "whatever is in the current working directory".

    Unfortunately, you can't seem to do that. If you specify ".", it prefixes all pathnames with "./". And if you specify nothing (just leave the path name in the first parameter blank) it gives you an error.

    So, I gave up and used a different tool for zips.

    But, if you find a solution, please let me know, and I'll give this API another chance.