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I had 2 employees (E1,E2) and 3 managers(M1,M2,M3) if any of the manager rejects the information with comments should goes to Employee E1 if the comments r met then agian the process should start from Employee E2.
if M3 had rejected then E1 Activity had started and comments r met then E2 activty sholud start then he should see the changes done and send to Manager M1 .Now M1 may accept it or reject if lets say manager M1 had rejected and again Activity send to E1 .
Let assume now also comments met then activity should start from E2 now the manager M1 had accepted and M2 may reject .

how handle this?
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    Re: Designing the BPD

    Your question is so broad it is difficult to determine what you would like us to address for you. I see the BPD you drew. What are the problems you are looking to address? Is there something in particular you need that this diagram does not meet?

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