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Pinned topic RDz 8.5 install with RTC 3

‏2012-10-08T15:51:26Z |
I am a little confused about the RDz 8.5 Enterprise addition. In our 8.0 media installation, RTC is an option that is bundled in (and we deploy it). In RDz 8.5, all I can find is a non-integrated install. We checked Passport and couldn’t find a bundled deployment. Are we looking in the right place? Will we have to have two different install processes?
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    Re: RDz 8.5 install with RTC 3

    RTC 3 is still bundled with RDz 8.5. Since RTC 3 and RTC 4 are using the same offering id, you need to click the check box to see all versions. This should show RTC 3 so you can select it for installation.