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Pinned topic Mashup Center Import add-in - root element missing error

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Hi folks,

We're using the Mashup Center Import for Excel add-in to bring data that's been manipulated into Excel, but one of our users is having issues on import of feeds in Excel - they are consistently getting 'Root element is missing' errors... no details other than that.

User is on WinXP/Excel 2003, same as I am... and I've tried with their Excel file and I don't have any issues. I've had them reinstall Office and the add-in, to no avail - problem persists.

Has anyone seen this at all?
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    Re: Mashup Center Import add-in - root element missing error

    Most likely the Excel plugin for the installation has become corrupt. You might check for disk errors or other events that may have caused file corruptions. Does this happen with all Excel files on the problem system??

    Rather than reinstall the Mashup Center you can try replacing the Excel plugin files with a good copy:

    Shutdown the system and create a backup copy of the install tree (in case you need recover from the following steps)

    Move and/or rename the Excel plugin deployment found in:
    <Mashup-Home>\Hub\installedApps\Mashup Hub.ear\mashuphub-enterprise.war\server\plugins\

    From a working system of the same version copy the Excel plugin deployment tree to the problem system

    Start the server and test.