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Pinned topic UnOverirde Property in Rhapsody 7.6

‏2012-10-08T08:58:59Z |

We are facing a strange issue.

We were migrating a complex Rhapsody project from 7.5.2 to 7.6

But we were facing errors like vector,iostream.h were getting created. Now this project has package and in package

CG->File->Generate was selected, original property as was built in 7.5.2

Now I changed

CG->File->Generate , Right click and Unoverride.

and after unoverride this property disappeared from Locally Overrideen properties.

So I expanded CG->File->Generate and it was still Selected.

But our issues of vector.h, iostream.h getting generated was solved.

We are totally clueless what happened.
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    Re: UnOverirde Property in Rhapsody 7.6

    Known issue
    Planned to be fixed on 7613
    you can follow defect 204863: Code generation results in unwanted files in Rational Rhapsody.