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Pinned topic Problem in configuring worklight server on the tomcat 7.0.30

‏2012-10-08T07:33:51Z |

I have a problem in configuring worklight server on the tomcat 7.0.30.

The problem is i have successfully plugin worklight server in my Eclipse and intall the tomcat 7 sucessfully but when i m hitting the url http://localhost:9999/worklight/console the output is

HTTP Status 404 - /worklight/console

type Status report

message /worklight/console

description The requested resource is not available.
Apache Tomcat/7.0.30

Tomcat logs are attached
what is the solution for that ???


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    Re: Problem in configuring worklight server on the tomcat 7.0.30


    Please indicate what instructions you have followed and what you have done so far to debug. There are many posts in the forum related to deploying on a remote server such as Tomcat. Have you checked other forum posts?

    Search on Tomcat and you'll find posts such as this one:

    That points to instructions in Appendix B of the Admin guide, plus you need the worklight-jee-library.jar file that comes with the paid versions of Worklight. If you've done all of this, have the paid edition, and still have a problem you are entitled to formal support. You can open a ticket via the IBM Support Portal.

    Barbara Hampson, Manager, IBM Worklight