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Pinned topic Clearcase 8.0 and VS2010 over LAN

‏2012-10-08T06:54:33Z |
If this is posted in the wrong forum, please advise were it should go.
If this has been answered, please tell me where.

We have Clearcase v8.0.0.1 installed and working on Windows Server 2008 R2 with pure Clearcase VOBs and Views.
We need other machines on our LAN to access views through Visual Studio 2010.

Can somebody explain in simple terms what software of what versions and in what ordered steps we need to install?

The documentation is confusing.
We tried IBM HTTP Server (both version 8 and 7).
Then we tried WAS (v8.5 then 7.0. soon 8.0).
We have uninstalled all of Clearcase (registries and directories) and installed servers first.
We have downloaded installs and also done updating installs.
We might need CCRC and/or TeamViewer but it is just not connecting.
We have working Windows Active Directory as domain controlers.
The Vobs and Views are on Network shared drives.
All the LAN machines can see each other.
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    Re: Clearcase 8.0 and VS2010 over LAN

    ‏2012-10-08T16:05:54Z  in response to Riddle0
    posting some email replies, which don't make it to the web.

    In short, if your cleient really are on the LAN, not WAN, all you need to do is install the server as the CC VOB server and CC registry server and then install the clients, pointing to the CC registry server.
    No WAS needed. If you do have WAN in the picture, then WAS and CCRC also come into the picture.


    Don't Postpone Joy - Have Fun

    If you really mean LAN and not WAN, the only thing you need is to install ClearCase with the Visual Studio plugin on the clients:

    If you meant WAN, on the clients you need the CCRC plugin for Visual Studio instead. For the server, the manual tells you how to setup the CM server.

    Sten Rosendahl,

    Talking ONLY about clearcase, you would have WAS, IBM Package utility, Install Manager, IBM HTTP Server, and ClearCase license and VOB servers need only be installed on 'servers'.

    Each client machine (developer machines, build machines, etc.) really only need install manager and then clearcase clients installed, be it regular clearcase clients or CCRC (or whatever they call CCRC now, I forget!). Install installmanager first. You should have recorded a 'script' that saves the pertinent information to the client (such as registry password, license server, region(s), clearcase_albd password, etc., and saved that such the install manager can read from it and set up the client to work automatically into your environment.

    IHS and WAS are required for CCRC (which sounds like you need it if you have WAN connections), but those are to servers, not clients.

    You should set up the server side first, likely starting with Install Manager and packaging utility (the correct versions for whichever CC version you are using). Then follow the instructions for setting up IHS, WAS, and clearcase serverside (registry server, license server, vob server, and optionally viewserver).

    and yes, I totally agree, the documentation is confusing, especially to new folks. It's a little easier if it's just ClearCase (CQ adds a little complication from a WAS perspective).

    Marc Towersap
    Sr. SCM Engineer

    ReleaseTEAM Inc
    • Riddle0
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      Re: Clearcase 8.0 and VS2010 over LAN

      ‏2012-10-08T19:46:20Z  in response to martina
      Thank you, incredibly much for 3 responses.
      Yes, this is only LAN and no WAN (nor CQ).

      Martina: install "the server" is shorthand for something I do not happen to know :) IHS v7 ? IHS v8 ?

      Sten: The URL is all about installing CCRC, which is when the what else do I need questions start.

      Marc: LAN-only, don't think I need WAS, but then you mention it?
      • Tgefen
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        Re: Clearcase 8.0 and VS2010 over LAN

        ‏2012-10-08T20:57:42Z  in response to Riddle0
        Since you work in LAN, no IHS and WAS is required. You only need the 'regular' ClearCase installation kit.

        Tamir Gefen, GoMidjets
        Try Visual Annotate 2.0 for ClearCase
      • martina
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        Re: Clearcase 8.0 and VS2010 over LAN

        ‏2012-10-09T15:35:06Z  in response to Riddle0
        server = the box hosting the ClearCase VOBs.

        Martina Don't Postpone Joy - Have Fun