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Pinned topic DS3400 manually fail the drive

‏2012-10-08T06:54:13Z |
I need to replace the drives. How can I manually fail the drive so that I can replace it.

Situation is. I just added 4 x 600gb but found out that the existing array used only 6 x 300gb. So, It used only half of my 600gb.
I will just replace the 600gb to 300gb disks.

Need your advise. Thank you.
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    Re: DS3400 manually fail the drive

    If you expanded the existing RAID group your new disks (600GB) now have data on them, how is failing the driver going to help?
    If you replace the remaining 300GB drives with 600GB drives, one by one with rebuilding, once you have the all over to 600GB you will see the extra capacity available.

    If you want to fail the drive the script is like this, but use caution with respect to my comments above.

    set Drive http://enclosureID1,drawerID1,slotID1 ... enclosureIDn,drawerIDn,slotIDnoperationalState=failed