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Pinned topic Modify request on managed platform is delayed one step

‏2012-10-06T17:58:48Z |

I have created a RMI adapter for customer for ITIM 5.1 using ADT 3.1 .All the operations are working fine except Modify request.There is a strange behaviour I can see in the modify request.All the modify request for all the attributes are performing in delayed fashion.

Supose I have a attribute emailid and the attribute value in both ITIM and target is Now when I am modifying the emailid attribute value to ,First time the person and the account emailid attribute value is changing to as desired but in the managed platform it shows the previous one that is After that when I modify the email attribute value to it effects the person and Account as expected but in the target system Its showing the value what I have given in the previous modify request that is So modification of attribute value in managed platform is one step behind the ITIM person and account.
I have seen many post in the forum regarding the same issue but nobody gets any reply.
Its very urgent regarding client perspective so please give me some suggestion on this issue.

If you face and overcome same situation with ATD 3.1 or any other version please let me know the solution as early as possible and also you can provide me your suggestion by email

My emailid is

For understanding below are the details

itim version 5.1
TDI version 7.0
Target system DB2
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    Re: Modify request on managed platform is delayed one step

    ITIM sends both values, the old value that being replaced and the new value that replacing the old one.
    I guess your TDI code is choosing the old value.
    Rgds. YN.