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Pinned topic [ANNOUNCE] JSFCentral Episode 27 - Lincoln Baxter on JBoss Forge and more

‏2012-10-06T02:49:03Z |
I am pleased to announce a new podcast on JSF Central with Lincoln Baxter. In this podcast, JSFCentral editor-in-chief Kito D. Mann talks with Lincoln Baxter about JBoss Forge, PrettyFaces, PrettyTime, and more.Here is an excerpt:

Kito: Hello. This is Kito Mann; I am here at JaxConf 2012, and JSFSummit in beautiful San Francisco, California. And today, I'm here with Lincoln Baxter.

Lincoln: Hello.

Kito: Senior software engineer at…

Lincoln: At Red Hat.

Kito: Yes. Yes. And so, what do you think of the conference this year, Lincoln?

Lincoln: Well, I love the JAX Conferences. I've been to a couple of them before, and they always manage to pull in a great set of speakers. I always enjoy meeting everyone who attends, and they're very involved, very engaged, and that makes it fun for me. So, I'm having a great time.

Read the full article or download the podcast here:

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