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Pinned topic Send to Application creates multiple instances of Excel

‏2012-10-05T17:55:42Z |
We recently upgraded from 8.5

This issue is occuring when we export to excel from the Trial Balance w/Drilldown window. I haven't tested this issue from any other form yet.

We click on 'Send to Application' and it opens the report into a new instance of Excel. Click on 'Send to Applications' again, and you get a third instance, and so on. I verified this by looking in the windows task manager.

This is an issue for us because we have created several macros to format the reports for printing. They are saved in an Excel Add-in or in the 'Personal Macro Workbook' file. These do not get loaded automatically when the new instances are created.

Does anyone know how to correct this issue? My IT department tells me that is 'expected functionality'. I say they are just lazy.
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    Re: Send to Application creates multiple instances of Excel

    I just noticed that the Cognos Controller Excel Link Add-in does not get loaded. I tried manually adding, but Excel thinks it is already added.