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I have a file that I am extracting from a data source, Exact Target, using Cast Iron and it is coming to me as a XML file. I am not doing anything to the file and I don't want to do anything to the file. I then upload the file to an FTP site. When I look at the file it seems that Cast Iron is removing all the XML tags out of the document that I upload to the FTP site. I want the file that I upload to the site to stay intact from what I get out of Exact Target, but I have not been able to determine how I can do this without compromising the original file.

Does anyone know how I can keep my file intact?

Thank you,
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    Re: XML Tags Are Being Removed By Cast Iron

    Hi DGarriott,
    Do you have any activities that change the extracted data from you 'Extract Target'? Say, CopyOf funciton in a map or 'Write XML' sort of things. Also, if you are extracting the content merely from a FTP without touching it in your orchestration, you could use BINARY as the transfer mode in both 'Get File' and 'Put File' FTP activity. It would be good if you could share an example project that we can see which part of your design may be the culprit to your problem. :)