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Pinned topic RPE limit for MS Word: Stylesheet or Output?

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I use Word as an RPE stylesheet. It is a document with bookmarks throughout for requirements to locate at. The stylesheet and output include macros. The output is in Word with the requirements entered (usually in tabular format). Is there a known limit to the size of the stylesheet or output for RPE? I'm using RPE Version 1.1.2, Build 20110420. The Word version of the documents are Word 97-2003 (created using Word 2007). The largest I've generated so far is 10,038KB.
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    Re: RPE limit for MS Word: Stylesheet or Output?

    Word has a 512MB size limit, regardless of RPE. You can create a file bigger than 512MB, but Word will have problems opening it.

    I can confirm this via personal experience.