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Pinned topic ODBC installation, V10.1: stopped: no db2setup in downloaded fix pack

‏2012-10-05T16:01:53Z |

As background, let me mention that I am trying to gei into a position
to comment on LibreOffice bug report 45675 "Crash after edit field
value; connected to IBM DB2 via ODBC" [1]. (So, when the download
page asked for my reason for downloading, I selected "education". If
not strictly true for the task at hand, it seems like less of a lie
than the rest of the options offered.)

Toward that end, I have installed DB2 V10.1 on Linux ubuntu-hardy
(11.04). I think I was successful: I can at least query the sample
database from the command line.

For the ODBC bit, I downloaded v10.1fp1_linuxia32_odbc_cli.tar.gz and
tried to follow the instructions in the DB2 Information Center.
However, it tells me [2] to execute db2setup from the fix pack image,
and I can find no such program.

So, I wonder ...
(*) Am I basically following the right track?
(*) What should I do to get forwarder?

Thank you for your attention,


[2] DB2 Information Center, V10.1, and expand ...
Database fundamentals > Installing > Applying fix packs
> Fix pack installation methods
> Installing a fix pack (Linux and UNIX)