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Pinned topic VIO Server level lspv issue

‏2012-10-05T13:10:46Z |
Have you started to use VIO Server level

We've started to use it and have run into a major issue. I'd like to solicit your support to contact IBM and raise the visibility of the issue. The scenario is that the command 'lspv -free' has been redesigned to no longer show disks which have a VGID. So in brief, any disk that has ever been used will no longer be shown as free, even if you have intentionally freed the disk, unless you specifically overwrite the VGDA. (Note also that doing so would require using oem_setup_env (which is generally frowned upon) and then dd to overwrite the data on the disk. This is a risky proposition in and of itself.)

They claim to have done this to support knowing when a disk is in use by various types of clusters outside of the knowledge of the specific VIO server. However, I dont buy that as a viable explanation. The documentation clearly states that this option, "Lists only physical volumes that are available for use as a backing device." However, with this new change it does not do that. IBMs response so far is that they may have to change the documentation to match the new design of the command. I feel that if they were designing a new option, they should have made a new command or option, rather than replacing and removing a very valuable option.

If you concur, I encourage you or your teams to contact IBM to raise the issue. I would be glad to share PMR and / or DCR numbers that you can reference if you would like.