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Pinned topic Generating classdiagram in RAD 8.5 produces an empty diagram

‏2012-10-05T11:57:35Z |
I'm reasonbly new to Rational Application Developer.
In the Redbook "Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software V8 Programming Guide" is a chapter about UML (chapter 6).
In this chapter has a section about how to generate a classdiagram from a project.
By using "File -> New -> Other -> Modeling -> Class Diagram" you create a diagram.
After Selecting the "Parent Folder" and giving the diagram a name followed by "Finish" it should create a diagram only it's an empty diagram.
If I decide to choose "Next", and not "Finish", I should get a list of the various class capabilities from which I could choose the one's I want. This list is also is empty.

Subsequently I should get the classes by draging them to the diagram but like before the diagram stays empty.

Am I doing something wrong?
Could it be that I'm missing something?