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Pinned topic V7000 Unified initialization question

‏2012-10-05T09:14:48Z |

We have a V7000 storage enclosure that has been initialized as a block device only and is already in production.

We already have the two file modules that we would like to add to build the cluster, but since the V7000 has already been initialized as a block device and already has data inside, I have a few doubts about how to proceed.

As I understand to build the cluster I would need to use the initialization tool again as if the enclosure were brand new with the "Initialize a new Storwize V7000 Unified (file and block system)" option, but the documentation says that all volumes will be lost.

My question is, if before I do the above, I physically remove the disks from the enclosure and plug them again after the initialization is complete, I understand that I won't lose any data, or would it be enough if I choose not to initialize the storage when I access the V7000 web interface for the first time?

Mapping the LUNs again would not be a problem, but if I can preserve all the data that is already in the enclosure it would be the best option.

Thanks in advance.
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  • chriscanto
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    Re: V7000 Unified initialization question

    ‏2012-10-06T10:10:31Z  in response to norco
    Contact IBM for the procedure to upgrade an existing V7000 system to a V7000 Unified configuration.

    It is possible to do this as a non-disruptive upgrade.
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      Re: V7000 Unified initialization question

      ‏2012-12-10T17:27:54Z  in response to chriscanto

      Now the procedure to add the modules to an existing V7000 block system has been published, the information can be found in the documentation for the 1.4 firmware package, but I haven't been unable to find the download link for the up2nas upgrade checker, is it already publicly available?.