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Pinned topic Integration Webseal and OWA

‏2012-10-05T08:20:59Z |
Good afternoon,
i'm trying to enable the SSO on OWA(Exchange 2010) using Webseal and TAM 5.1.
The OWA application is deployed on IIS 7 and the windows server is 2008 R2. The problem is that after i've created a junction between webseal and OWA, i'm not able to log to the application. The login form is displayed but afterwards the 403 error is displayed to me.
I'm not using kerberos authentication but NTLM and i've followed the 2 IBM guides:

Probably i'm missing something on IIS side (im sure its something related to ISAPI filter).
Could you please give to me some guidelines to integrate webseal and OWA?