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I need to filter activities based on creation/modification time. To get check-in activities of ClearCase there seems to be only two ways, either get all activities or get activity by name. We want to use activities created or updated after a point of time, so we take all activities of a particular Stream and then iterate through them to check there time. It could be great if through CM API ( even CLI would be fine) we can filter out activities.

Manthan Shah
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    Re: Filter Activities by time in CM API

    Hello Manthan,
    I'd like to suggest another approach.

    Firstly, You have to ask yourself what 'modification date' is, since there are couple of answers. It also depends if you enable your end-users to re-use activities.

    In the approach I'm showing, I consider the modification date as the date of last checkin for each activity's changeset.

    I'm giving here a short video that demonstrates R&D Reporter and how you can sort activities and their change-sets by date. Furthermore, it provides a Gantt chart that shows you activities' created and modified date against time.
    Watch Demo

    You can filter out the activities by comparing two baselines on the same stream (since baselines are made on a specific date) and later you can export the report to many known formats.

    You can download R&D Reporter from our website.

    Full disclosure: my company developed this tool.

    Tamir Gefen, GoMidjets