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Pinned topic Migrating CC 7.0.0 server to CC 8.0.0 server....

‏2012-10-05T02:31:30Z |
Our long time CC 7.0.0 server is finally on its last legs. We have a new computer on the way for replacement.

I was only peripherally involved in the last migration years ago when we changed our corporate domain.

Would it be best simply to eliminate all checkouts and destroy all views before locking the current CC 7.0.0 VOBS for backup/export? Or can existing views be reused at all once the new CC 8.0.0 VOBS are restored from the backup/export?


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    Re: Migrating CC 7.0.0 server to CC 8.0.0 server....

    We recently moved to a new VOB-server and upgraded at the same time from CC6 to CC8.
    After moving the VOB-storages and upgrading the clients, I registered all existing VOBs and views (cleartool register en cleartool mktag) in the new environment.
    We could reuse all our existing views in the new environment. Also the checkouts were preserved.
    I would however advice all your users to checkin as much as possible before the migration.
    But there is no need to eliminate the checkouts or destroy the existing views.